Calling In the Secret Weapon

Every week, we hear stories about people feeling they were duped by a company or unlicensed contractor. Instead of ignoring them, we are sharing their stories in a funny but educational video series to help people avoid falling for these cons.

Unlicensed Contractors

Getting a friend of a friend of a friend to try and fix your A/C system often turns into much bigger repairs, accidental electrical shorts and costly control boards. Protect yourself by hiring the right person for the job.

Kids Will Be Kids

Sometimes kids notice more than the adults do if a contractor tries to pull a fast one. If something seems odd or out of place, it probably is. If something smells fishy with a proposal or recommendation, get a second opinion from a reputable company.

Duct Cleaning

Many times we have hear of contractors using the threat of mold in the ducts, having people pay to have duct cleaned, inspecting the duct work and finding it is only their wallet that was cleaned. There's a better way!

Protecting The Elderly

Beware of too-good-to be-true offers! Many unscrupulous companies offer ridiculously low- priced tune-up specials designed to get their foot in the door, so they can sell you unnecessary parts and services using high-pressure sales tactics. The elderly are a favorite target of these predatory companies, but anyone can fall prey to these deceptive business practices. Don’t be fooled!

The Classic Bait & Switch

If an air conditioning company offers you a free service call or an introductory "duct cleaning" price, you can be sure they're going to try to sell you something else to make up the difference in price. Let A.C. Winterbottom, Agent for America's Repair Force, show you how to protect yourself from common bait & switch scams.

Jack of All Trades

The idea of a one-stop-shop may sound appealing, but today’s advanced AirConditioning technology requires a specialist. hiring a Jack-of-all-Trades now will only result in higher utility bills and expensive repairs down the line!

HVAC Call Center Scams

Beware of any air conditioning company that calls you out of the blue offering an inexpensive tune up or service special.  They may just be just looking for a way to get into your home, and then con you into spending money for unnecessary repairs.

The Director's Cut

Don’t be fooled! “No overtime fee” means you pay the highest price – every time. Watch A.C. Winterbottom, Agent for America’s Repair Force, capture the “quintessential essence” of predatory contractors like Max of Black Widow Air Conditioning & Repair.

The Director's Cut

Ever wish you had someone like Chris Hansen looking out for you? Watch A.C. Winterbottom, Agent for America’s Repair Force, take down this predatory contractor, in the style of To Catch a Predator, and learn to spot some telltale signs of a con, so you can protect yourself - in case Chris and A.C. are busy.